Young Bliss – Look at Me

“Young Bliss” Blessed boy release a New Motivational single (Look At me) ” In the video he details stages he had to take to his ultimate Victory.


Look at me, can you see. Am making moves on my enemies.

This lyric is very powerful and self-motivating. Young bliss shows that part of his that is blessed and measures up by adding life experience that helps hold on strong. We have all been in hard situations and sometimes terrifying outcomes. Some of us are still alone and has been alone. Blessed Boy speaks by detailing steps to rejuvenation.

Young Bliss explains the Journey and life experience in Time. He had worked alone and become a very successful craftsman. He has mastered education in business and expertise in entrepreneurship and idealism. His vision works.

In an interview we had asked him.

What keeps you going and he said “When I wake up in the morning and I know that God has kept his promise, I work to fulfill that he had promised me. Oh I know I will have to pay a price and sometimes have to be alone. So i turn my wishes into actions and it starts to wok”

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Young Bliss Biography

International Nigerian singer and songwriter, Joseph Chukwuka Abojei, better known by the stage name Young Bliss was born on May 14, 1992 in Ogun State, Nigeria. Joseph also is proclaimed (blessed boy). He took interest in music at the age of 13. Surrounded by Nigerian and International music industry influencers such as Fliptyce, Indomix, Beats by PJay, ILLMYKE and Alex Azzitto, Joseph built his reputation as of Nigeria’s most vibrant entertainer.
Early on in his life, in 2006 he formed a duo with a friend who had the same passion in music and lead to meeting industry sound engineer Indomix. In 2007 he moved to Ogudu, Lagos as he visioned a better life for himself in the United States. In 2009 his dreams became a reality and he finally landed in United States of America. In 2011, Joseph graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope, Minnesota. Joseph was named the most remarkable student for his warming personality. That same year, he launched his stage name Young Bliss.

After graduation, Young Bliss began taking marketing course at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. In 2012 Bliss started his first entrepreneurial experience by forming an alliance with close friends to developed one of the most renowned entertainment companies under the name Afrobanger Entertainment Network Inc. ( Afrobanger is registered in Nigeria as Afrobanger Entertainment Network LTD. That same year, Young Bliss opened a remarkable and yet unforgettable performance at the Annual Umunne Cultural Festival (also know as Igbo Festival). He then sought to record his first few singles, after that he decided to produce and record his own much while performing at various events such as churches, weddings and association fundraisers.
Furthermore, in 2013, he decided to concentrate on his music and learned the art of music production from friends and while attempting to study music but did not work out. In 2013 Young Bliss visited Nigeria and recorded with Nigerian Producer Fliptyce whom had produced Nigerian famous musicians such as, Psquare in Chop My Money ft Akon, Yemi Alade in “Bamboo”. He fostered an evergreen relationship that synchronized the two. Young Bliss cited the relationship in an interview with saying “this kind of relationship is one that is hard to find or break because God had already brought us together before we knew it”. 
Young Bliss with his remarkable and always entertaining nature has integrated himself into the Liberian Community. In 2013 he announce going to Liberia. He spent 3 weeks studying the art of the country, the beauty of its people and nature of Liberia. He would later go on to create a hit single that would be produced by Liberian International upcoming Super Star act Bigg Timee who is admired greatly in the Liberian Industry called Alert. It was then leaked but still gained the attention of his fans. 
In 2015, he release a very heart warming single (Adara) meaning (it shall be well). The song was an instant hit. That same year in 2015, Bliss released another hit single called Take Over which was produced by one of his influencers, ILLMYKE. He later transferred to the Minnesota School of Business where he received Bachelors in Business Administration and Minor in Brand Marketing in 2016. 
He rose to prominence in 2017 with the release of the song “Babara” from his Early Me cover album. The song has since then broke out the Young superstar and put his music on the map. In 2017 Young Bliss relocated from Minnesota to Atlanta where he now lives and forwards his career in the music industry.
YOUNG BLISS – “COVER ME” THE ALBUM was released on May 16, 2017.

Talents & Qualifications: 
Web designs
Music Production 
Mass Media Editing 
Mass Marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Marketing and Radio).

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