#1 African Entertainment Agency extending Africa to the World.

Afrobanger Entertainment Network Inc. is an Entertainment Network that aims to deliver media coverage of the most current fashion and entertainment occurrences relevant to Afro-centric individuals worldwide. The’s team members are constantly scanning for relevant media that is important to our viewers. The platform is sleek and modern, its designed to be very appealing to the millennial eye, there is also a developmental aspect of Afrobanger, which aims to aid in the development of Africans and individuals interested in the African fashion and entertainment realm.

The developmental aspect mentioned above is accomplished by the submission of unique work that is then published on the platform. i.e. if you’re an aspiring musician submit your work and it very well may be published on the website with a mini-column describing you and your music. If you are a fashion-driven individual with aspirations of becoming a model, send us your work that is; your most up-to-date pictures
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